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It doesn't take long for a new pet to become an integral part of your family. Often, however, as soon as a new pet starts living with you that will ultimately mean that your property will no longer be as clean as it once was.

We would like to offer a few useful tips for keeping your home clean when living with a pet.  Dogs are can truly be our best friends. Dogs are always grateful and look forward to treats and their next meal. However, that next meal will not only make their doggy bowl dirty but often parts of that meal can find their way on your floors. Not only do you have to clean parts of their dinner from your floors but you also have to deal with the hairs the four-legged members of your family will leave all over your home.
Maybe because they are the most common choice when it comes to getting a pet, cats and dogs are the biggest culprits for your home not being as clean as it was before they became part of your family. You could turn to a professional cleaning company to maintain your property, however, as a responsible pet owner, there are steps you can take to make sure your home is as clean as possible and that your pet feels comfortable and stays happy and healthy. 

Create Comforts for your pet. 

Designate a special corner for your cat and dog to sleep in. Observe your pet and see what is the most common space it usually goes to sleep or rest. Place a pillow there or a fluffy rug. When you do so you not only create personal space for your pet but also limit its shedding perimeter. 
If you have a cat get ready for clawing.
Cats like to sharpen their claws. If you would like to protect your upholstered furniture from its sharp nails you will need to place a special surface they can use instead of your sofa or armchair. Cats like to sharpen their nails as soon as they wake up. You can hang a "sharpener" low next to the wall where your cat likes to sleep. Depending on whether or not your cat is vertical (likes to climb and sleep up high) or horizontal (likes to lie down on a low and flat surface) you can think about investing in a cat tree. You can also fabricate a cat tree on your own using small wooden pieces and appropriate material upholstery material.

Limit your pet's perimeter when you are not home. 
Regardless if you have a cat or dog it is recommended that you limit their perimeter during the day when you are not home. If an accident were to happen, and it likely will, and your pet is to make a mess that mess would at least be limited to a single room of your home. Pick a room for your pet and close the doors in the other rooms. Make sure your pet can easily go to the bathroom or has access to cat litter. Be careful a lot of our pets are smarter than we anticipate and can easily learn to open doors. 

A cleaning strategy. 


Accepting the fact that now that you have a pet means that the vacuum cleaner and you will have to become the best of friends. Often, however, the vacuum cleaner can't collect all the hairs left on your sofa, rug or carpet. In such cases use a lightly damp towel to collect the hairs. If that still does not remove all the pet hairs you can schedule a professional carpet or upholstery steam cleaning service. 
Dogs like to chew on different items in your home- most commonly the legs of your tables and chairs. To avoid this problem you can wipe the furniture legs with a little bit of clove oil its bitter taste will prevent your pet from ever chewing on furniture legs again. 
If your pet could not make it to the bathroom on time and an accident takes place you must immediately clean that space. If you do not the floor will absorb the smell and the incident can take place again. Wipe the space with bleach or ammonia. If the aroma bothers you you can make a cleaning solution of lemon juice or vinegar with water or just spray with lemon juice alone, its citrus scent repels animals. 

Useful tips for a clean home when living with a pet. 

If you have a hamster or a rabbit place a wider tray or a small rug underneath their cage. If the animal is to push away any hardwood their cage is lined with it will not go all over your floors. 
You can easily clean a fish tank with a paste made from vinegar and salt. It is enough to wipe the walls of the aquarium with that solution and to rinse thoroughly. 
Any scattered hairs you can collect using tape or scotch by going over the surface with the sticky side down. 
If you have just gotten a new puppy that is not yet completely housebroken you will have a lot of cleaning work ahead of you. If your dog is older you will still have to pay attention to cleaning after them.
We can advise turning to a professional cleaning company to regularly maintain your home after your pet or deal with any accidents that may have taken place. Your pet deserves a clean and healthy environment to live in. 

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks that will save you time.

Our house cleaning tips for pet owners. 



1. Use eco-friendly cleaning materials. 

We cannot recommend using commercially available cleaning detergents that contain strong chemical agents. Dogs are sensitive and certain detergents can act as irritants or even pose a health risk for your dog. Your dog will tend to walk around your home lick surfaces or try and chew the table legs while you are at work. Certain chemical detergents can leave residue on surfaces which can pose a health risk for your pet. You can achieve the same cleaning result by using eco-friendly and all-natural cleaning detergents. Not only that you will also make sure that your pet stays completely safe. Tried and tested cleaning methods that use baking soda and vinegar can produce outstanding cleaning results and make sure that your pet stays healthy. 

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2. The best cleaning tool you can use to clean after your dog is vinegar. 

Urine stains are one of the most common problems dog owners face, this problem can be complicated if you have carpet as a floor covering. A cleaning solution you can use is vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and its strong smell will remove urine or vomit smells. Before cleaning with vinegar you have to remove as much urine or dog vomit as you can. After mix equal parts water and vinegar in an appropriate container. You should use tepid or warm water. Rub over the stain using a towel. You can repeat this process several times depending on stubborn the stain is.

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3. Baking soda and vinegar for particularly strong dirt spots. 

vinegar and baking soda

Combining baking soda and vinegar is a well know trick when it comes to home cleaning. To try and remove stubborn stains - after cleaning any particles that may be leftover and soaking up any urine, you can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda over the stain. Let the baking soda sit on the stain for 15 to 30 minutes. You can then proceed with cleaning the stain using the above-mentioned vinegar solution.  

4. Use orange blossom essential oil. 

essential oil

Expensive specialized detergents that are used to remove smells from upholstery and carpet often rely on orange blossom essential oil as one of their main ingredients. You can make a home-made version of this solution by mixing the orange blossom oil with water. Place this cleaning solution into a spray bottle and use it to treat any affected areas. 

5. Eliminate pet hair. 

You have to hoover pet hair repeatedly. Use the attachment that is designed for upholstery and vacuum any areas that may have a lot of hair and make sure you do not forget to vacuum your upholstered furniture as well. Some dogs have less fur and shorter hair than other breeds and pose less of a challenge. Cats often leave a lot of hair around your home that may make it difficult for the vacuum cleaner to collect. You can also turn to a professional cleaning company to remove pet hairs from your carpet. A carpet steam cleaning or upholstery steam cleaning service will produce better results when it comes to eliminating hair from your home. 

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