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How to clean tile grout at home

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There are specific places that you have to pay special attention to every time you are cleaning your home. However, it is specifically these hard to reach areas and difficult to clean spots that we usually often ignore. The grout between the tiles in the bathroom is exactly that kind of spot. Rarely do we pay attention to the tile grout. The main reason why we have tiles in the bathroom, in the hallway, kitchen and many other areas of our homes is so that we would be able to make the cleaning process easier. However, cleaning tile grout is often completely, we just quickly mop the tiled floors and pay no attention to the condition of the grout. It is specifically in the grout where a lot of mould, bacteria, mildew and dirt can accumulate. These microorganisms can negatively impact our health. This is why from time to time you have to clean the grout between the tiles in your bathroom a bit more deeply. 

In this article we will offer a cleaning solution, cleaning tip and a technique you can use to effectively clean tile grout.

Before you proceed with cleaning the grout in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway, be advised the process is not difficult and does not require any hard to get hold of supplies. However, the process itself is demanding in terms of the time and effort you will have to spend to achieve the desired cleaning results. If you do not want to spend the better part of an afternoon scrubbing all of the grout in your bathroom or kitchen you can reach out to a professional cleaning company and schedule a deep cleaning service

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How to efficiently clean tile grout 

Regardless of the tiles, no matter if they are in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or dining room, the first thing to know is that cleaning tile grouting is not easy and may take you some time to produce effective and efficient cleaning results. Take your time, do not rush the cleaning process, be gentle and efficient and keep in mind that no matter the effort that is needed and the time that you are going to spend cleaning the tile grout the result will be worth it. 

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Cleaning supplies you will need 
Baking Soda
Lemon Juice
Old Toothbrush 
A Spray Bottle 
A Cleaning Cloth


Cleaning Instructions


Declutter your cleaning area 

Before beginning with the cleaning process you have to make space. Remove any items that may be in your way and free up space. Any furniture, light fixtures or general items should be removed, if you do not free up space you will just lose time and effort trying to rearrange and move items out of your way in the middle of the cleaning process. 

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Create your homemade cleaning solution 

After you have made the necessary space for the cleaning you can move on to creating your homemade cleaning solution. Mix 1/2 of baking soda, 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of vinegar with 7 cups of cool water in an appropriate vessel. Mix this cleaning solution well and transfer it to a spray bottle. Using the spray bottle will make the cleaning process much easier later on. 

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Let's get to work 

Carefully spray the tile grout that you have decided to clean with the homemade cleaning solution. Leave the solution to sit on the grouting for 10 to 15 minutes and activate. While you are waiting for the cleaning solution to activate you can fill a bucket or another large vessel with cool water and make sure your cleaning cloth is close. Soon you will be reminded exactly what colour the tile grout in your bathroom or kitchen was before mould and mildew appeared. 
Using an old toothbrush start gently scrubbing the grouting. At this stage in time, the grouting between your tiles should be visibly whiter. The acidic cleaning solution should have dissolved any dirt, contamination or mould. After you have essentially scrubbed off any residues from the grout grab the cleaning cloth you have prepared earlier. Make sure the cleaning cloth is lint-free, use it to wipe the grouting. Repeat this process, periodically dipping the cleaning cloth into the container filled with cool water, until all dirt is eliminated from the grout and you have successfully cleaned it.  

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Time to clean the tiles 

After you have cleaned the grout and restored its previous colour you can just use any cleaning detergent designed for floors to carefully and thoroughly clean the rest of the tiles. You can also use the homemade cleaning detergent you used for the grouting for this part of the process as well. If you were focusing on cleaning the bathroom tiles simply use the showerhead to rinse the tiles and thoroughly dry them. 
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The hard part is now over 

That is it, the cleaning process is not complicated, however, it is labour intensive. You have to clean all the grouting individually one by one. If you follow this process not only will the grout and tiles be cleaned but also your kitchen floor or the bathroom wall will be disinfected, plus now you can see what colour your grout was before it got dirty. 

One of the most difficult cleaning tasks you will be faced with is probably cleaning the tile grout. Because firstly the process itself is demanding and secondly because they often go ignored the condition of the grout can be a lot worse than that of any other area in your home. Usually cleaning the tiles in your home is left to only the occasional mopping, it is exactly when things get desperate when we decide that it is about time to clean the grout more thoroughly. We know that deep cleaning every single inch of your home can be difficult and this process does require you to clean the individual grouts one by one. But if you delegate the necessary time and effort the results will be their reward, your home will not only be cleaner but also more hygienic. If this process does seem like something you do not have the needed time and energy for, rest assured that there is a professional cleaning company out there you can trust that will thoroughly and deep clean not only the tiles and grout but the entirety of your bathroom. 

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