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Even though you can clean your home yourself hiring a professional cleaning company can be helpful in many instances. 

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Life today is fast-paced and frankly stressful, in many instances we either do not have time to delegate to cleaning or that time can be better used, it can be spent with family, friends and loved ones for example. The cleaning requirements of your home can add to the already significant daily stress we have to deal with, this is why a professional cleaning company can be really helpful. 

If you are short on time or cleaning is the last thing you can worry about when dealing with all the daily challenges we face, we will offer you a few reasons why you should hire a cleaning company. 

There are many advantages you will get from hiring a professional cleaning company, alleviating some of the daily stress is one, leaving the hard work to professionals is another, and making sure that cleaning tasks that will be very difficult or impossible for you to tackle on your own will be taken care of. This is why we would recommend, for specific cleaning requirements especially, that you consider a professional cleaning solution for some of the daily, weekly or monthly cleaning requirements of your home. Bonus Cleaning offers a wide array of cleaning services, suited to every cleaning need,  if you put your trust in us and schedule one of our cleaning services you will receive an exceptional cleaning outcome. 
Hiring a professional cleaning company does not only mean that your home will be cleaned and sanitized, it is a lifestyle change, you no longer need to preoccupy yourself with challenging cleaning requirements. There are some obvious benefits you receive from professional cleaning and ones which you may not have considered in the past. 

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The cleaning company you choose will be familiar with all modern innovations and developments in the cleaning industry. 

We are equipped with specific cleaning equipment that if you were to purchase yourself will be a needless and significant investment for you. Also, a cleaning company will supply professional cleaning detergents that will produce much better results than commonly available cleaning products. Professional cleaners will know when and where to use specific cleaning tools and detergents up to the best possible extend. Attention is paid to your specific cleaning requirements as the cleaning needs of every property and every client are slightly different. 

A plan that is designed for your needs 

clock and calendar

The cleaning company you decide to put your trust in should carefully pay attention to what cleaning service you require and should eagerly match all the specific cleaning instructions you leave for them. A cleaning company you can trust should be flexible not only as far as their services but also as far as their schedule. If you request an extra service other than what is usually included in let's say a standard deep or after builders clean the cleaning company you choose should accommodate that. They should at least try to change their schedule and accommodate your service if the only availability you have is outside of the usual working hours and regular time slots they offer. The cleaning company you choose should work alongside you not against you. The cleaning company should be able to create a schedule that is convenient for you, the day and time of the service should be entirely chosen by you. 

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Exceptional cleaning results 

The most immediately noticeable advantage of the cleaning company you choose will be the physical transformation of your home. You will be amazed by the results,  not only as far as the appearance of your home, office or business but also for the overall wellbeing of your family, most professional cleaning detergents do not only clean they sanitize. A clean home is a happy home. A cleaning company will transform the appearance of your home, it will be left shining and spotless up to an extent that is often impossible for you to achieve on your own. You can maintain the general cleanliness of your home by yourself, however, there are specific cleaning tasks that only should be left to professional cleaners. It is frankly just easier to hire a professional cleaning company to deal with these cleaning challenges than to try and resolve them on your own. 

What are the specific cleaning tasks that are better handled by professionals? 

Full builders clean 

A full and thorough after builders cleaning is a challenging and labour intensive task that requires a lot of effort, precision, patience and knowledge. This cleaning is better left to professionals because the experience needed to resolve the builder's mess is much greater than the experience need for a standard clean for example. As careful as the building team were during the renovation process almost always cement, paint or glue spots will be left in places, dust will gather virtually in every corner of your home and other construction debris will be leftover. 

Even light construction work will mean that your home needs a serious clean. Plus, the construction process and having to deal with the builders is stressful enough on its own, when they are done the idea of having to now clean your home after the builders have left seems like a nightmare. Luckily there is an alternative, you can just sit back, relax and leave the hard work to professional cleaners. This is the exact moment when it will just be easier and better to rely on our after builders cleaning, your home will be transformed in a day from a construction site to the dream house you had in mind from the start. 

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Steam cleaning 

Most professional cleaning companies use specialized equipment and detergents to steam clean upholstery, carpet, rugs and even curtains. These cleaning machines use extraction as the primary cleaning method. Imagine a more powerful vacuum cleaner that washes textile fabrics. These machines are expensive and would be an unnecessary investment for you. Plus they are difficult to get hold of and require a fair bit of experience to be used properly. This is why you can rely on us for carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning. Even though we have offered tips on how to clean both carpet and upholstery on your own the results you will get from professional cleaning cannot be achieved in any other way. The hot water extraction method is unmatched for heavy soiling or the removal of stubborn stains from your carpet or upholstery. 
Oven cleaning, a full move out cleaning are other specific cleaning challenges that are left to professionals. 


Professional cleaners are, well, professional 

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Cleaning your home is a weekly if not a daily task that each of us is responsible for. From taking the garbage to cleaning the windows, the tasks connected to cleaning our homes can appear endless. With life as stressful as it is we rarely have the energy or even the desire to clean. Of course, certain cleaning tasks cannot be delayed and at the end, we reach a moment where we need a deep cleaning of our home. This is where a professional cleaning company can be of great help. Professional cleaning companies offer various services that are entirely dependent on your specific cleaning requirements. Professional cleaners are trained and experienced. They not only have the needed knowledge, training and experience but moreover, professional cleaners will take care of each task with dedication and attention to detail. In this way, a reliable cleaning company can guarantee that the results of your cleaning service are exceptional.  

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What does a standard cleaning service usually include and what can you add to it?

A standard deep or lighter cleaning service will always come with a specific checklist. You should always have the option to add specific cleaning services, combine services or omit areas of your property as part of the cleaning service if you do not want the entirety of your home to be cleaned. The main priorities for a deep or a lighter clean will be the kitchen and bathroom, these areas of your home will get dirty the quickest and this is why professional cleaners usually focus on them. And after the deep clean to make sure that your home is still clean and shining you can schedule a recurring cleaning service

When should you hire a professional cleaning company? 

The answer to that question is it depends. Professional cleaners are there to meet your needs and to make your life easier and less stressful.  There are many instances where professional cleaners can help. So when do you hire a professional cleaning company? Any time you want to. 

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