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Oil stains on your carpet can pose quite a challenge. These stains are stubborn and difficult to eliminate. We will present a few cleaning solutions you can use to try and eliminate oil stains from your carpets. 

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It is common for an oil stain to appear on your carpet. Getting rid of oil and fat stains is not always easy, however, there are several effective ways to deal with this unpleasant problem. If the stain is serious, stubborn and has sat in your carpet for a long time you should look for a professional cleaning solution. A professional cleaning company can steam clean your carpets and treat the stain using special cleaning detergents and equipment. 
It is not always easy to remove oil stains from your carpets. There are several effective methods you can use to eliminate fat stains from your carpet, however, these stains are some of the most stubborn and hard to deal with stains, so the challenge you are faced with is significant. 

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Here we will list a few carpet cleaning solutions and tips you can use to attempt to eliminate fresh and old oil stains from your carpet. 

1. Soak the stain with a piece of paper towel or a cloth.

The most important part of the cleaning process is to avoid scrubbing the stain. Half the battle lies in treating the stain before it has had the chance to dry. If you do not you will not be able to deal with the stain at a later stage. You then need to apply an absorbent material to the stains. You can use baking soda, baby powder or talcum powder. These materials absorb a large amount of grease. Use a soft brush to gently rub the powder of your choice into the stain until the powder starts forming lumps. 

2. Try and use alcohol on your carpet.

Apply a small amount of high proof alcohol, to the stains and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. After just wash the carpet with a clean sponge and water.

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3. Make your own, homemade, carpet cleaning solution.

Mix hot water with vinegar and dishwashing liquid in a 25:2:1 ratio. Use this liquid to wash the spot on your carpet the stain was on after wipe with a clean towel. 

4. Using special carpet cleaning solutions.

If you have a detergent designed for stain removal you can try and use that. Apply a bit of the stain remover over the oil stain wait until it sets and dry with a vacuum cleaner. If the stain is removed just remember to wash that area again with a little bit of cold water next time you have to clean your home. 
There is never a guarantee for stain removal at home. Carpet cleaning is a complicated process and stain removal is a specific part of that process. Oil and fat stains are particularly difficult to eliminate. You could always contact a professional cleaning company. Professional carpet cleaning is always your best option for stain removal. 
As is the case with most stains time is of the essence. The fresher the oil stain is the better the chances are that you are going to eliminate it. 

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Removing fresh oil stains from your carpet. 

1. Using salt to remove oil stains from your carpet. 

Regular table salt can prevent oil and fat from penetrating deeper into your carpet. Before you remove the oil stain sprinkle thoroughly using fine salt. After the first batch of salt has soaked up some of the oil stains, remove it and repeat the processes using fresh salt. You can also use potato starch to the same effect. 

2. Using baking soda and cornflour to remove oil stains from your carpet. 

Thoroughly sprinkle the stain with a mixture of baking soda, cornflour and talcum powder. Leave the mixture on the stain for 6 hours. After the time has passed clean the affected area of your carpet well. The powder cleaning mixture will absorb some of the residues from your carpet. 

3. Using paper to remove fresh oil stains from your carpet. 

Use absorbent paper to remove fresh oil stains from your carpets. Fold up a large piece of paper towel into a few layers, place the paper towels along with a piece of fabric on top of the stain. Gently and for a few seconds press with a hot iron. Try and change the paper towel often, the heat will dissolve the oil stain and the towel will absorb it. Repeat the process several times until the stain is much less visible. After you are done with the cleaning process simply wash the affected area of your carpet with cold water and dry it. 

4. Using glycerin to remove oil stains from your carpet. 

If you can find it glycerin can be an effective means to combat oil stains. Apply a small amount of glycerin to the oil stain and leave for half an hour to an hour. Wipe the area of the carpet with a clean towel. 

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Removing old oil stains from your carpet. 

1. Using dishwashing liquid to remove old oil stains from your carpet. 


You can use dishwashing liquid to remove oil stains from your carpet. It makes sense right? The detergent is designed to remove fatty stains from dishes and has active ingredients that are designed to counteract fat. Apply a normal amount of dishwashing liquid on a soft sponge and treat the affected area. Before you apply the dishwashing liquid to your carpet make sure that you have moistened it with warm water first. This will help the oil stains dissolve. In circular motions using the sponge gently rub the stain off of your carpet. After you can rinse your carpet with a vinegar solution comprised of equal parts vinegar and warm water. Lastly, thoroughly wash your carpet with clean water. 

2. Using potato starch to remove old oil stains from your carpet. 

There is a chance you can remove old oil stains from your carpet by applying a paste made from potato starch and water over the affected area of your carpet. Leave the mixture for a few minutes until it has slightly hardened after use a soft sponge to wipe the area. 
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3. Using turpentine or gas to remove old oil stains from your carpet.  

Turpentine and gas can be used as a last resort measure to remove oil stains from your carpet if nothing else has worked. Soak a piece of cotton in the gas or turpentine and carefully go over the stain. Work from the centre of the stain out. Rinse using hot water and detergents when you are done and the stain is much less visible or has been completely removed. 

4. Using shaving cream to remove an old oil stain from your carpet. 

Apply shaving cream over the stain, avoid using shaving gel. Leave the shaving cream on the stain for 5-10 minutes and remove it using a damp towel after. Rinse the stain with water. Apply more shaving cream and repeat the process several times until the stain disappears. Finally, rinse the carpet with clean water to remove excess shaving cream. If you want to cut back on drying time use some paper towel to dry the carpet and remove residual moisture. 

If you are still unable to remove the stain using these home-made cleaning solutions then you may think that stain removal detergents can work. The problem with these detergents is that they rarely remove stains but seem to set them in your carpet. A second issue is that these stain removal detergents can damage delicate fabrics or wool and discolour your carpet. Anytime you are going to use chemicals always follow safety instructions and do not forget that some of these materials can be quite toxic. 

Remember that oil stains are particularly stubborn. The longer they sit on your carpet the lower the chances are that you are going to eliminate them. If none of these home-made carpet cleaning solutions has worked for you and the stain is still stuck in your carpet you can always turn to professional carpet cleaning. A reliable cleaning company will supply all necessary cleaning detergents and equipment. The best option for stain elimination remains professional cleaning.

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