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Deep Cleaning your bathroom while not necessarily easy is one of the most rewarding tasks you can undertake


Bathroom Cleaning is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding parts of cleaning your property. A perfectly clean bathroom is very important, due to regular use and moisture buildup in that space mould and mildew can easily develop, if you regularly deep clean your bathroom you will not only keep that space clean but sanitized as well. If left unattended the mould and bacteria that will linger in your bathroom can ultimately be damaging to the health of your family and loved ones. Keeping your bathroom as clean as possible is extremely important, however, it can be a challenge. Even if you regularly lightly clean your bathroom deep cleaning is a different matter.

Deep cleaning your bathroom is not restricted to mopping the floors or a light wipe with a cleaning cloth. A deep clean is a much more extensive and demanding process. There are many reasons why you may want to consider leaving this task up to a professional cleaning company, be it because you are short on time or because the thought of having to scrub and clean all the tiles and grout in your bathroom is not necessarily appealing to you, reaching out to a reliable, local cleaning company can spare you the effort.

It is still possible to achieve results like the pros would if you would like to tackle this cleaning task on your own, we will provide a useful tutorial on how to properly deep clean your bathroom on your own. 

To properly, fully and thoroughly clean your Bathroom several steps ought to be undertaken in a specific order and a few key points have to be followed. 
In this article, we will present a few useful and time-saving tips and tricks on how to properly deep clean your bathroom.

If the process seems too complicated or laborious for you, you can always reach out to a local professional cleaning company. There are professional companies out there that will be more than able to help you with deep cleaning your bathroom. 

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How to Deep Clean your bathroom 

As with most things in life, there is a specific order which needs to be followed. Choose an area to start with and an area to finish with. You can start anywhere you like, however, it will be easiest to start with the bathroom door. When you are deep cleaning your bathroom you will need to move clockwise, circling every inch of the room and making sure you finish with the same area you started with. Start with the door, use special detergents and make sure they will not damage the door. In some cases, you may only be able to use a dry cleaning cloth for this step. Always start from the top and work to the bottom. This will avoid any dust or dirt landing on areas you have just cleaned. Continue the deep cleaning process working clockwise around the room. 

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Deep Clean the bathroom tiles


bathroom tiles

After you have cleaned the area around your bathroom door you should focus on the tiles. Usually, the tiles will need some time to soak. Spray them with the detergent you have chosen or with a homemade bathroom cleaning solution. You can achieve excellent results by using homemade, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Spray the tiles thoroughly with the cleaning detergent and let them soak, after 5-10 minutes you need to wipe the tiles using a clean, lint-free cleaning cloth. Do not forget the grouting, if you let the grouting go without being cleaned for a long time, the process to restore its condition is particularly difficult. Take your time with this step, thoroughly clean the grouting using a soft brush. Continue moving clockwise through the room and clean the radiator. Thoroughly spray it and use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean it. If necessary you can also use a scourer or a brush for this step, however, be careful the radiator can easily be scratched. 

Deep Clean the toilet, the sink and focus on the windows 


sink and bathtub

Continuing to move around the room you should focus on the sink and the toilet in the next step. The toilet and sink are a pivotal part of the deep cleaning process. Again, start from the top and work down to the bottom. Clean the top part of the toilet, then focus on cleaning the lid and finish with the toilet itself, leaving the innermost part for the toilet for the end. Spray the toilet with appropriate detergents and let them soak in for 15-20 minutes. This will dissolve any limescale buildup if there is any present and will generally, make the cleaning process easier. Lastly, clean the bottom part of the toilet and the back, use the same detergent you used on your tiles and a brush if necessary. After you have cleaned the toilet clean the sink, start with the taps and faucet and work down. Spray the sink thoroughly and use a soft brush to remove any limescale or general dirt build-up. Focus on the window, and start with the frame. If present, use a soft brush to remove any mould or mildew buildup from the frame before wiping with a cleaning cloth. Finish by cleaning the glass panes using an appropriate detergent. 

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Deep Clean the  bathtub and shower 

Continuing with the deep cleaning process, going around your bathroom the next area you will probably need to move to is the shower and bathtub. Getting the shower and bathtub area clean is probably the most important part of the bathroom deep cleaning process. A lot of moisture will accumulate not only in the bathtub and shower but also on the tiles and grout, just from the general use of the shower. Mould and mildew can easily develop there. The showerhead specifically can also accumulate a lot of limescale. As with the rest of the bathroom deep cleaning process, you will need to start by thoroughly spraying the shower, the showerhead and the tiles with an appropriate bathroom cleaning detergent. After letting the detergent activate for about 15 or 20 minutes using a clean cloth to go over the tiles and showerhead. If necessary you can use a soft brush for the tiles and if there is particularly heavy limescale buildup on the showerhead. 

The bathroom cleaning process is not complicated but it is demanding. To thoroughly deep clean your bathroom may take you the better part of an afternoon. If you are short on time or the process seems too laborious for you, you can always contact a professional cleaning company and schedule a deep cleaning service for your bathroom, kitchen or the entirety of your home. 


Deep Clean the bathroom floors



The last part of the process is cleaning the floor. You will always finish with the floor because any dust and dirt that has fallen from surfaces or cabinets will land on the floor. If you clean the floor before you are done with the rest of your bathroom and subsequently continue with the cleaning before the floors are done, dust and dirt will just fall onto the floor and you would have wasted time and effort cleaning them again. This is why you need to finish with the floor. Dependent on the condition of your bathroom floor there are two ways you can clean them. If you do not have a lot of dirt or grime marks on your floor and there is no mould or limescale building you can just hoover the floor first, mop it and call it a day. However, any particularly heavy dirt buildup has to be removed by hand. Use a detergent designed for bathroom floors and tiles or a homemade, eco-friendly cleaning solution and go over and stubborn stains or marks on the floor with a cleaning cloth or a soft brush. Vacuum the floor first, deal with any marks, mop it last, close the bathroom door and that is it, you have thoroughly cleaned and polished every single inch of your bathroom. 

The bathroom deep cleaning process is not complicated, however, it will take you some time and effort. This is not a light, general maintenance clean, you should lightly clean your bathroom every time you use it, this will prevent mould and mildew from building up in the bathroom. However, you should delegate the time and effort to completely deep clean your bathroom at least once a month. Your bathroom is one of those areas of your home that you will need to pay special attention to. It will most likely take you a few hours to completely deep clean your bathroom. A professional cleaning company can send out a fully equipped team that will take care of the bathroom cleaning needs of your property in a couple of hours. If you have neglected bathroom cleaning for some time and the condition of that space is a bit worse than expected we would strongly recommend that you contact a local professional cleaning company and schedule a deep cleaning service. 

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