Quick Tip - A Few Useful Oven Cleaning Hacks | Bonus Cleaning
Cleaning your oven can turn into a real nightmare really quick. This is why most of us postpone this process or put little effort into it. But oven cleaning is crucial. We list a few easy to follow, eco-friendly oven cleaning hacks that will save you time and effort next time you have to clean your oven.
16 March, 2021
Are You Renting - This Is How to Get Your Deposit Back | Bonus Cleaning
There are a few important points you need to pay attention to before you move in to your new rental home to make sure you get your deposit back.
17 March, 2021
How to clean a washing machine - Using eco-friendly and homemade detergents to eliminate bad smells and mould from your washing machine | Bonus Cleaning
Your washing machine is one of the appliances in your home you probably don't pay much attention to. However before you know it mould and bad smells can form in the washing machine. This text focuses on how to clean a washing machine using homemade and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
18 March, 2021
How to Clean Mould - 7 all natural and simple tricks to eliminate mould from your home | Bonus Cleaning
Cleaning mould is not a complicated process. Mould appearing in any room of your home is common. We list 7 all-natural ways to eliminate mould from your home.
21 March, 2021
How To Clean Up After Your Pet - 5 Useful tricks to keep your home clean | Bonus Cleaning
Our pets are our best friends. However, keeping your home clean with a pet can be somewhat challenging we offer a few useful cleaning tricks to clean up after your pet.
23 March, 2021
How To Clean Stainless Steel- 8 Ways To Clean Stainless Steel | Bonus Cleaning
Stainless steel is very commonly found in modern homes. Regularly cleaning stainless will prevent it from discolouring and prevent stains.
25 March, 2021
How To Clean Stainless Steel - 3 Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Jewellery | Bonus Cleaning
Stainless steel jewellery has characteristics no different than gold or silver, in this article we list 3 was how to clean stainless steel jewellery.
28 March, 2021
Quick Tip - How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet | Bonus Cleaning
Eliminate old and new red wine stains from your carpets or rugs using our cleaning tips.
29 March, 2021
How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Your Carpet- Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Coffee Stain Removal | Bonus Cleaning
Coffee stains are some of the most common and yet most stubborn stains to eliminate from carpet.
31 March, 2021


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