Eco-Friendly Cleaning - 5 All Natural and Harmless Detergents You Can Use To Clean Your Home | Bonus Cleaning
You can clean your home using only all natural home-made detergents. They are effective and efficient in dealing with soiling and dirt around your house. In this article we list 5 all natural detergents and how to make them, you can use to efficiently and effectively clean your home.
28 February, 2021
Carpet Cleaning- What is Better DIY or Hiring a Professional | Bonus Cleaning
Carpets are one of those traffic heavy areas of your home you should definitely keep clean. Your carpet can collect a large number of dust and bacteria. But how do you clean your carpet? Hoovering your carpet regularly is definitely important, however, is not always enough. In this article we present the options you have for cleaning your carpet alone and what you will receive if you went with the professional approach and a professional carpet cleaning service.
03 February, 2021
Quick Tips - 10 Tips For a Stylish and Functional Bathroom | Bonus Cleaning
Would you like to have one of those picture-perfect bathrooms you see in magazines but have limited space to work with? In this article we present 10 easy-to-follow tips that will help you improve your bathroom without having to completely refurbish it if you have limited space.
14 February, 2021
Quick Tip - House Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Will Save You Time | Bonus Cleaning
Most of us don't usually look forward to the task of cleaning our house. House cleaning is one of those chores that tend to require daily attention. Keeping your home clean and hygienic is very important. In this article we will list a few helpful and easy tips that will help you with the routine of house cleaning.
19 February, 2021
Eco- Friendly Cleaning - 7 Tips And Tricks To Clean Your Home Without Using Chemicals | Bonus Cleaning
You can clean your home without using any chemicals. In this article we present 7 tips for house cleaning with home-made solutions. They are all natural and eco-friendly.
22 February, 2021
How To Clean Blinds - Clean Vertical, Horizontal or External Blinds To Perfection | Bonus Cleaning
The blinds in your house or flat will collect a large amount of dust over time if left unattended. There are different ways you should clean blinds dependent on their type. In this article we list how to clean the most common types of blinds.
24 February, 2021


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