15 Ways To Clean With Only Salt.

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Salt is one of the time tested cleaning agents you can use to clean multiple areas of your home with ease. 

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As it turns out, as far as eco-friendly cleaning solutions are concerned, salt is only rivalled by maybe baking soda as far as versatility. Salt has many cleaning uses around the home. We have on several instances shared ideas for eco-friendly cleaning solutions and now Bonus Cleaning will present 15 ways you can use salt to clean your home. 

Salt is cheap, easy to find and most of all effective as far as cleaning is concerned! The results you can get from using regular old salt will surprise you. When it comes to cleaning basic table salt (sodium chloride) is the perfect cleaning choice. You do not need to waste fancy, expensive salts on cleaning, the cheap stuff will do fine. You can use the cheapest stuff you can find, and realistically it doesn't matter if the salt you are going to use for these cleaning tricks is iodized or not, just make sure you use table salt, the same salt you may sprinkle over your food. 

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Here are our 15 ways you can use salt to clean your home

1. Removing stains from clothes and carpets 

Surely you know the old trick, if you get oil on your clothes immediately sprinkle the stain with salt, this will prevent the stain from setting in the fabric. You can do the same thing provided you act quick enough on your carpet, table cloth or other fabrics. 

2. Cleaning greasy dishes 

To deal with grease residues on your dishes, simply pour out any excess oil (in the garbage not the sink please), sprinkle the entire bottom of the cooking dish with salt and wait 2 - 3 minutes. After simply wipe using a few pieces of paper towel. The salt will absorb the grease and make cleaning incredibly easy. 

3. Polishing copper dishes and surfaces 

If you have cookware made of copper or any copper surfaces that have lost their shine and need a good polish you can use salt to restore their former glory. Simply prepare a thick paste using nothing more than salt and water and scrub the darkened copper. Wipe with a rag or cloth that has been dipped in vinegar. The results will truly surprise you. 

4. Cleaning silver that has darkened 

How to clean silver? Simple, use salt. You can also use salt to clean silver. Scrub your silver jewellery or utensils with slightly dampened salt and rinse using water after 5-10 minutes.  

5. Cleaning burnt-on stains from the heating element of your iron. 


Yes, you can use salt to clean even your iron. Sprinkle coarse salt over a piece of newspaper and run the hot iron on top of the salt. Any stains will disappear and your iron will not stick to your clothes. 

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6. Removing limestone buildup from your fish tank. 

Rub the inside of the glass portion of your fish tank with salt and rinse well, really well, before returning your fish to their beloved home. Avoid using iodized salt for this purpose.

7. Cleaning wine stains. 

You can use the same technique to remove wine stains from certain fabric as you used for oil stains. Sprinkle some salt and leave it to sit for a few minutes. The salt will absorb the liquid and will make washing your clothes easier after. 

8. Removing water stains from wood. 

You know the circular stains a wet glass forms on wood? Those are incredibly annoying, aren't they? Well, you can also use salt to remove them. If a wet glass has left an unsightly mark on your table or countertop you can simply rub the space with a mixture of olive oil and salt, leave the cleaning solution to sit for an hour and wipe using a clean towel. 

9. Whitening fainted cotton or linen cloth. 

Leave your fabrics to boil for an hour in a big pot of water to which you have added a few mere pinches of salt and baking soda. And that is it, the salt and the baking soda will remove any yellowing from your fabrics.

10. Removing sweat stains. 

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Add 4 tablespoons of salt to 250 ml of hot water. Scrub the stains with this solution using a sponge. 

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11. Cleaning blood stains from cotton fabrics. 

Soak your clothes in cold saline water for 30 minutes. Put the clothes in the washing machine and wash with cloth water. Place your clothes in the same salt and boiling water solution from before for an hour after you take them out of the washing machine. 

12. Maintaining wicker baskets and furniture. 

If you have furniture or baskets that are made from wicker that is starting to look a little under the weather you can use salt to drastically improve them. To increase the lifespan of your wicker furniture simply scrub them with a firm brush dipped in a saline solution (a mixture of water and salt).

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13. Bring the colour to your faded curtains and drapes back. 

Simply take down your drapes or curtains and wash them in a saline water solution by hand, rinse well, dry and hang them back up. The salt should return the colour to your curtains and they should look as good as new. 

14. Cleaning egg stains 

If you have gotten egg on your clothes and have to remove the stain or you avoided doing the dishes from breakfast when you had that omelette and now have egg yolk seemingly welded to your plate reach for the salt again. All you have to do is soak your plates or clothes in saline water for 15 minutes and wash as you normally would. 

15. Cleaning coffee and tea stains from your mugs. 

coffee stains

If you have forgotten to rinse your glass and now have a stain on the bottom of your glass you can use salt to loosen it and just wash using dishwashing liquid after. The salt will virtually eliminate the stain. 

Salt dissolves in liquids quite easily which means that you can combine it with other eco-friendly cleanings alternatives and make powerful cleaning solutions, you do not need much more than salt, baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice to clean your entire home (we are not exaggerating). 
These have been some of the tried and tested cleaning alternatives using mainly salt. Some of them you may have heard before others you may not have. If you have some favourite cleaning applications for salt we have omitted do not hesitate to share them with us!

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